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About ME Education

Our Philosophy

At ME our top priority is always the student. We treat our students like family, investing in them long-term, with many students staying with us from primary school all the way to grade 12. With small group classes and private lessons, we will cater our lessons to the needs of our students to help them reach their academic goals.

Fan Cheering

Our Students

We teach and advise students of all ages from 20 of the top international schools in Hong Kong and over 40 local schools.

For students new to Hong Kong or new to international schools, we offer the necessary support for the critical transition to their new school, especially in the first year. No matter if your student is falling behind, trying to reach the top of their class in school or simply wanting to maintain their current grades, ME Education can help them achieve their goal.

Our Courses

We  specialize in academic tuition for students following international and local curricula, standardized test preparation & educational planning and consultation services for primary, secondary and university students. We also offer language courses for adults, interview preparation for all ages and summer study abroad programs.

Our Teachers

Learn from foreign teachers who: are native English speakers, have studied in the universities you want your child to go to and can teach any course, curriculum or exam..


Our academic team come from the US, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world. We take pride in the quality of our teachers and the diversity of our staff. Our faculty includes experts in DSE, SAT, AP , SSAT/ISEE, IB, I/GCSE, GCE, IELTS, TOEFL, CEE, and more.

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