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Harrow International School

“We are brother and sister. We have been studying in Yew Chung International School for 2 years. One and a half year ago, we knew ME Education through a friend's recommendation. Our parents would like to apply Chinese International School, Harrow and Kellett for us. We were taught by Mr Patrick and Mr Steve. They taught us a lot of interview skills and helped us to practise CAT4 exam, which is a part of Harrow interview. We were so happy that we received offers from both Harrow and Kellett. We chose Harrow at last because we thought that it has a better learning environment and facilities. Our parents are very excited about that as they have applied for other tutoring centres before but they are not satisfied with them. We would love to thank ME very much. Now, we are having History and English lessons in ME once a week.”


Coco Liu

Thank you ME and Mandy for helping me to apply to 8 primary schools in England. Also, thanks Mr. Dave and Mr. Arnold for teaching me English and Mathematics. They gave me valuable guidance on how to apply for all my target schools in the UK.

Current School : Shatin College

Exam Prep : 

ISEB common pre-test, UKiSet, CEM test and School entrance test


Education Path :

YCIS > Shatin College > UK Secondary School


Journey at ME : UK Exam Prep       2 yrs

Wilson Liu

Current School : YCIS

Exam prep :

School Exams, IGCSE

Educational path :

Local schools > YCIS

Journey at ME : IGCSE   6yrs

ME helped me so much! At first my results in economics were very poor, but my grade improved from E to A in one semester! It was like a miracle studying in ME.

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