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English Language



Core English

P.1 - F.6 Group Classes

English Exam Preparations

(*Cambridge courses)




Core English

  • Interview prep

  • Playgroup

  • Phonics

  • Writing / comprehension

  • Grammer

  • Speaking

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Subject-specific Academic Tuition



The early childhood years are the most formative in your child’s development. The first five years are crucial to the development of social skills, personality, cognitive skills, thinking skills, decision-making, ability to concentrate, and behavior. ME Education’s playgroup lessons are designed to stimulate all these areas and give your child the tools and the room to grow both academically and socially. Our lessons offer children the opportunity to interact with both teachers and peers and and are a balance of play and academics. Your child will be acclimated to a classroom environment and be fully prepared to enter kindergarten; familiar with rules, customs, and expectations of school. With fun and engaging material, your child will grow the skills they need to enter kindergarten with confidence.


Reading and writing are the foundation of education. The quickest path to academic excellence is a mastery of literacy. ME Education’s phonics course teaches reading and writing of the English language by developing learners’ awareness of the sounds and spelling patterns of words. The goal is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out. This is a powerful tool for learning of all ages. Whether you are a parent that wants their child to learn to read or a business professional wanting to improve your skills to push you up the corporate ladder, our phonics instruction will guide you to full literacy.


Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than though face-to-face or telephone conversations. ME Education’s teachers can improve your writing skills no matter what situation you need it for. Students are required to produce writing daily during lessons, exams, and projects. Professionals are called upon to write reports, plan strategies, communicate via email and text message, or update their CV. Whatever the situation, accurate writing skills are important. Let us improve your writing skills by focusing on key areas such as grammar and punctuation while tailoring your writing style to any specific situation.


Grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences, right up to the structure of whole texts. A competent grasp of English grammar will enhance the quality of your writing and speaking. In ME Education’s grammar lessons, you will learn how to structure sentences correctly, make subjects and verbs agree, and perfect your punctuation. You will learn how to write papers, give presentations, and communicate effectively. Through our grammar lessons, students will score higher on both in-class examinations and standardised tests.


The ability to transmit your thoughts into speech is the cornerstone of both social and academic success. Communicating how you feel and what you think eloquently and effectively correlates to greater self-confidence and success in the world. ME Education’s teachers will improve your accent while giving you the vocabulary and sentence structure you need to speak properly. Whether a student or professional, our teachers can give your the tools, practice, and confidence you need to speak your mind, whether participating in classroom discussions or boardroom meetings.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and integrate with what the reader already knows. In ME Education’s reading comprehension lessons, students will learn the fundamental skills required in efficient reading comprehension. Knowing meaning of words, ability to understand meaning of a word from discourse context, ability to follow organisation of passage and to identify antecedents and references in it, ability to draw inferences from a passage about its contents, ability to identify the main thought of a passage, ability to answer questions answered in a passage, ability to recognise the literary devices or propositional structures used in a passage and determine its tone, to understand the situational mood (agents, objects, temporal and spatial reference points, casual and intentional inflections, etc.) conveyed for assertions, questioning, commanding, refraining etc. and finally ability to determine writer's purpose, intent and point of view, and draw inferences about the writer (discourse-semantics).

Subject-Specific Academic Tuition

School is one of the most important things in our lives. If we are not educated then we do not have the skills needed to function in everyday society. School not only helps students learn necessary concepts and skills, but it also allows students to interact with other students socially, academically, and emotionally. At ME Education, our main focus is helping students succeed academically in the highly competitive landscape that is the Hong Kong Education system by providing students with academic tutors who poses the subject skills and expertise a student needs to boost scholastic performance. Our flexibility in pedagogical methods and scheduling mean students will find the right tutor for them and begin excelling in the classroom.




Course features:

  • We provide interactive learning methods to learn English

  • All our courses are based on the basic concept of learning in entertainment, and we believe that we should cultivate the curiosity of children

  • We cultivate students' creativity and independent thinking

  • We stimulate and encourage children to ask questions through diversified ways

  • We help children build confidence

  • We work with parents to provide learning support for children

P.1 Interview Class

Course features:

  • The teaching team has rich experience in teaching this course

  • The performance of students over the years is satisfactory, and the proportion of entering the top-ranking schools has increased every year

  • The course is well-recognized, with more than 80% of students recommended by parents or past students

  • The curriculum is closely followed by the compilation of interview assessment trends of famous schools

  • Each lesson has a comprehensive evaluation report

  • 4-6 people per class, tutors can comprehensively teach and follow up each student

  • Enable students to study each stage systematically

P.1 - P.6

English improvement curriculum in primary schools.

Course features: 

  • Specially to assist primary school students to improve their English.

  • Advocate interactive forms of classes, pay attention to children's pleasant learning.}

  • Never "dead back, dead"

  • Group teaching, there are questions must be answered.

  • Close to the personal level of class.

  • 1-6 people per class, full care of the child's learning needs.

  • Covers such important areas as Listening, Writing, Reading, And Speaking.

F.1 Interview Class

Course features:

  • The teaching team has extensive experience in teaching this course.

  • Over the years, students performed well, and the proportion of students who won the top prestigious schools increased each year.

  • The curriculum is well recognized and more than 80% of students are introduced by their old parents or teachers.

  • The course is closely followed by the trend of interview assessment of each school.

  • Each hall has a comprehensive assessment report.

  • Each class of 4 - 6 people, the tutor can fully teach and follow up with each student.

  • Stage-style classes allow students to study at each stage systematically.

F.1 - F.3

Course features:

Students use a wide variety of media that are relevant to young people familiar with today's technology, study ingons on different tasks and topics, explore and participate in topics, either individually or with classmates. Activities include drama, lectures, debates and practical writing. Cultivate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and confidence in a balanced and comprehensive manner.


Students of secondary english courses will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in interactive classrooms.

  • Research topics on young people.

  • Complete engaging tasks such as drama, group presentations, and thematic workshops.

  • Improve students' reading, writing, listening, and conversational skills.

The English Secondary School curriculum complements and complements students' learning in school by deepening their knowledge of English, building self-confidence and independent abilities, and incorporating test-taking techniques and practices. The school provides group teaching, a group of 4 people, can also choose one-on-one teaching.

F.4 - F.6

Course features:

The Secondary School Diploma Examination Examination Course is designed for new candidates of the DSE Chinese Liberal Arts Examinations, who can focus on enhancing students' skills and strategies for reading, writing, listening and integrating four examination papers through challenging mentoring activities. The tutor will give improvement advice based on your personal performance to help you achieve your desired grades.


In this course, you will:

  • Participate in a mock oral exercise with Individual Response and Group Discussion.

  • Learn how to conceive ideas and take turns speaking.

  • Be familiar with common problems in reading papers, such as looking for synonyms and antonyms.

  • Learn the magic of deepening vocabulary memory, using adverbs and adjectives and words consisting of adjectives and nouns to add interest to the article.

  • The tutor gives comments and suggestions for improvement according to your performance and progress.

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