Academic Enhancement


Adult Classes


  • The course is designed for beginners and is divided into three levels to lay a good foundation for students to speak English.

  • The classroom focuses on interactive communication, allowing you to communicate in orthodox English and enhance your confidence in expressing yourself.

  • Through a well-structured curriculum, you will learn to use more different vocabulary and grammar, focus on improving pronunciation skills and improving your ability to communicate in English.

  • Focus on exercising pronunciation skills and strengthening your confidence in communicating in English.

  • Lay the foundation of English, especially grammar and vocabulary.

  • Master important phrases and apply them to everyday life.

  • Get free advice from a professional tutor.

  • Regularly review your progress through practices related to real life.

  • Interact with students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.


  • The course is taught by a senior foreign tutor.

  • It includes Current Affairs, Business, Economy, Tourism, Sociallife, Daily Life, Slang and Article Appreciation in English.

  • Teach in the form of live conversation, in-depth discussion of interesting and practical topics, such as newspapers and magazines, to learn more Yan, idioms and discussion skills.

Private professor and corporate courses

  • One-on-one offers tailor-made training courses.

  • Improve personal performance and communication skills in the workplace.

  • We are committed to providing tailor-designed business English learning courses.

  • The school first arranges a personal assessment test for you to provide you with the best possible solution.

  • Whether you make appropriate changes to an existing curriculum or introduce specially designed content,
    the school will also analyze your needs and provide you with the best choice.

  • Make appropriate changes according to the employee's English proficiency.

  • Where to teach: In your office or at our campus.

  • Provide practical English courses, english courses
    for a specific purpose, or a mix of both,
    depending on your needs.

  • Professor by internationally recognized and experienced training instructors.

  • Class time is optional.


Social English

  • Greetings and introductions

  • Small talks

  • Social occasions

  • Compliments and encouragement

  • Good manners

  • Disagreeing

  • Dating and using the phone

  • Let's go shopping

  • Travel English

  • Health and fitness

  • Festival and holidays

  • Life and living

Workplace English

  • Formal and informal English

  • Polite and diplomatic language

  • Taking and leaving messages

  • General enquiries and replies

  • Dealing with angry callers

  • Telephone negotiations

  • Dealing with numbers, names and symbols

  • Quotations, making cold calls

  • Asking for payment, follow-up emails

  • Complaint letters, replying to complaints

  • Business / Sales presentations

  • Negotiations

  • Holding meetings and preparing minutes

Course details

Admission requirement:  

Graduation requirements:

Language benchmark: 

Contact hours: 


Medium of instruction: 

Entrance Exam (pass mark: 30%)

Practical tests (50%) + Final exam (50%) + Attendance (70%)

BULATS Standard test (pass mark: 26/100)

90 hours (+12 self-study hours)

Part-time (6 months)

English + Chinese

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