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5 Advantages of Summer Courses

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Our students work hard throughout the year, so when it comes to summer break, summer courses can be the last thing on their minds.

While it may not be the thing that gets students jumping up and down with excitement, summer courses offer a whole host of benefits for the students who choose to join them. They are especially helpful for those students who have an idea of the career path they’d like to pursue, as summer courses help accelerate their learning and solidify their knowledge base.

In this blog, we discuss some of the advantages of our summer courses, so you are better equipped to make the decision that best fits your educational goals.

Avoid 'Summer Brain'

When any of us take a large amount of time off from studying, our brains can get lazy. It becomes more difficult to re-train ourselves to sit down and focus when we return to school. By participating in summer courses, students keep their brains engaged and active which reduces the chance of losing valuable learning skills over the holiday period.

The brain is just like a muscle. If we want to keep it strong and healthy, we need to keep using it. Summer courses are designed to do just that. Research shows that exercising our brains by keeping them active and engaged helps us stay alert and sharp.

Courses are Flexible

Unlike the regular classes throughout the year, summer courses can be tailored to the students' liking. If a student is hard working and serious about their studies, they might prefer our intensive courses on offer. Some students work best with one-on-one tutoring. For those students, we offer summer courses just for them. If the student prefers to learn in a group setting, we offer those classes too.

The flexibility of the summer courses allows the students to pick and choose the learning styles and class setups that work best for them. This means they will be able to maximise their efforts and get the most out of their summer course experience.

Get Ahead

Learning more is never a bad idea! Students who take summer courses are super-equipped to handle the year ahead and all the learning that comes with it. Summer courses help prepare students for the coursework ahead by strengthening their foundations and offering early introduction to new coursework. Working with different teachers also allows students to learn through innovative methods of teaching.

By laying a strong foundation and getting a head-start on the workload, students are able to maximise their potential and excel at their upcoming studies. A little bit of extra work during the summer goes a long way to improving self-confidence and grades for the year ahead.

Foster Independent Learning Skills

When students are facing their exam period, they often resort to parrot-style learning and last-minute cramming. Summer courses aim to combat these bad habits by allowing students to bridge any gaps in their learning. We also place a heavy emphasis on developing their independent skill-sets.

Our summer course teachers are adept at nurturing each student's potential and identifying their learning styles. By teaching the student to study in a way that best suits their brain, students are equipped with skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. An ability to study independently is the gift that keeps on giving.

Make New Friends

For those students who choose the group classes, the opportunity to meet new students is available. Fresh faces in a new learning environment means students can meet other like-minded individuals and form new friendships. Summer course friendships can also be helpful for students going forward, as they can pair up during the year to form independent study groups and lean on each other for support.

If you are interested in learning more about our 2021 Special Summer Programs for Kindergarten and Nursery, Local DSS, Private Primary and Secondary schools and International Schools, reach out to us on 2383 0300 or WhatsApp us on +852 92983538.


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