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Harrow International School

Another one of the prestigious and extremely popular schools in our network is Harrow International School, Hong Kong.

We have built a strong relationship with this impressive institution which allows us to offer our students many advantages during the preparation and application processes.

Because we liaise regularly with the admissions board at Harrow International, we know just what they are looking for in the students who apply as well as what common mistakes make the difference between a successful application and a non-successful application.

Photo by @HarrowHK

Our tutors are intimately familiar with the Harrow International coursework and admission prep material so they can guide students through the process of studying and preparing.

Harrow International is a popular and aspirational school for many students. For many, it may seem like an impossible dream but with the correct guidance, it need not be limited to a dream.

What Makes Harrow International Special? Harrow International has been in Hong Kong since 2012 but its origins are steeped in royalty, history, and a rich heritage. The original school in the UK was founded in February 1572, under a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I to a wealthy local farmer named John Lyon.

The first Harrow School in Asia, founded in 1998, was Harrow Bangkok, followed by Harrow Beijing in 2005, Harrow Hong Kong in 2012 and then Harrow Shanghai in 2016.

The Harrow family of Schools has become synonymous with academic excellence. The school offers a broad-based learning experience within a traditional framework. They also hold a high regard for teacher-pupil relationships as well as intercultural relations.

According to their website, the school’s vision is for pupils at Harrow Hong Kong to "not only achieve outstanding academic results, but also develop the motivation, skills and determination to make a positive difference to the world in which they live."

Photo by @HarrowHK

2021 Results

The school results speak for themselves.

A Level Results: In 2021, Harrow Hong Kong pupils achieved 61% of A-level results and were the top A* grade, with 84% of grades at A*-A and 94% at A*-B.

Nine of their pupils achieved straight A* grades in all four of their subjects and 20 pupils achieved all A* or A grades in at least three subjects.

GCSE Results: 93% of Harrow Hong Kong’s GCSE grades this year were an astounding 9-7 A*-A, with 78% at 9-8/A* and 54% of all grades at the highest level - 9.

9 is a grade marked to reward the most eligible pupils. This mark is limited to those who achieved the top 3% of marks.

University Eligibility

Harrow Hong Kong pupils have their choice of the world’s finest universities such as Imperial College London, LSE, Durham, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale and HKU.

English Proficiency

Because of the diversity of nationalities and first languages among the students at Harrow Hong Kong, English is regarded as the only inclusive language of the school. All applicants have to be capable of speaking, reading and writing in English.

Students who undergo the admissions procedures, will be evaluated at their current level of proficiency in English, in an age-appropriate way.

ME Admissions

Harrow International School Hong Kong is a selective school with strict admission criteria. They look to admit pupils with the aptitude, capability and character traits that will help them to thrive in the diverse international community the school is famous for.

To compete for admissions at this level, students need to be confident with their English, as well as their chances of success. To do this, they must have strong guidance through the entire university admissions process.

As part of our admissions package, we help prepare students as much as possible for the educational and cultural transition of an international school of this calibre. ME helps students navigate the complex admission process, making it manageable and even enjoyable.

Our admission consultants also handle letters of recommendation and any supplemental materials that are required.

If you'd like to know more about the prestigious schools we partner with and how we help students through the admission process, please visit our website here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on +852 2383 0300 or WhatsApp +852 92983538.



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