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5 Reasons to Get a Tutor

For many expat parents arriving in Hong Kong, the decision of where to enrol their children into school, is a difficult one. Moving is tough for everyone in the family, and new adjustments must be made. Many of these changes include getting used to new schools, new curriculums, new languages, new friends and so much more.

Getting used to all the changes takes time for the students, as well as their parents. Often, a little extra help is required and that’s where tutors step in. In this blog, we discuss the five

main ways a tutor can help ease the transition for new students in Hong Kong.

New Language

The standard of Hong Kong public schools is excellent and parents can expect a high level of education for their child – taught predominantly in Cantonese. While this is something Hong Kong is extremely proud of, it can be intimidating for students who are not familiar with the local language.

Students who do not speak Cantonese fluently, will be at a major disadvantage and will require some extra help to polish their language skills so they can reach their potential. We assist many expat families with a bridging system, to help ease the transition for their child into the Hong Kong education system.

Different Learning Style

Moving to any new country can be exhilarating but also a little scary – especially for new students in a new school. Hong Kong schools operate differently from many other schools and although the standard is extremely high, the teaching methods may differ from what the child is used to.

Learning styles, applications and techniques may seem foreign to new students and a bridging system may be necessary for many. Coaching students through a foreign system is important to ensure they feel safe and confident enough to express themselves, and adapt to their new environment.

Differences in Curriculums

When coming from a different country, children are not only adjusting to new learning styles, new friends and sometimes a new language, they are also adjusting to an entirely new curriculum. What some systems focus on, others do not and vice versa. This can be confusing for children especially when new subjects are introduced while others are discarded. National history lessons change and exam results may be calculated in a whole new way.

All of these changes can leave expat children feeling as though they are behind in some areas of their new curriculum. Hiring a private or group tutor, is an excellent way to help students catch up. Staying Ahead of the Competition

Hong Kong schools are renowned for being among the most competitive in the world. Students are held to very high standards and the pressure can be immense. Private tutors are often employed to assist students with their school work and ensure they are staying on top of their workload. Our summer and end of year revision courses are ideal for helping students revise their work and prepare for the year ahead so they are never left feeling overwhelmed or 'behind the curve.'

Maintaining a Mother Tongue

In some circumstances, a tutor can be used to not only help with a smooth transition into a new system, but also, to ensure students maintain a connection with their mother tongue.

For example, a student may join us from Beijing. Being thrown into a school system that is predominantly Cantonese speaking means the child will require assistance adjusting. Parents may also want to ensure that the child does not neglect their Mandarin and will hire a tutor to maintain their language skills.

Why ME Education?

ME Education has established a reputation in the Hong Kong education system for being one of the leading establishments for assisting new students with their transitions. We have become synonymous with building confidence, improving performance and dissolving the fears of our new students.

Our goal is to help our students maximise their potential without letting a move or new circumstances set them back. Following their transition, we aim to assist them in pursuing their future goals.

Once new students feel confident enough to tackle government schools, international schools or any institution of their choice, it is our mandate to help them and their parents prepare for the admission process. We coach families through the process and ensure they have everything they will need to successfully apply to the school of their dreams.

Although it’s difficult to say goodbye to students we have formed great connections with, we feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment as we watch what was a once timid and frightened student, blossom into a confident and assured individual, capable and ready to tackle the next chapter of their lives.

That is what we live for!


"ME is amazing! Every teacher and staff member that I met has been beyond amazing. I joined ME Education 6 months ago and I love learning here. I had lessons three times a week with Mr Emlyn, Mr Andy and Mr Steve. They helped me a lot with my writing, speaking and grammar. They gave me back my confidence, which had started to wane and I believe the tuition I benefitted from was essentially due to your teaching style. Mr Steve has made a huge effort to make writing as fun as possible. Teachers in ME have taught me not to worry too much and that keeping everything in perspective is the most important part of doing well. I feel very well prepared because I had lots of support from teachers and all the consultants. In such a short time, you all have been amazing, thank you so much for helping me with tutoring and also helping me apply to my dream school, Chinese International School."

Ella Zhao Long Ki


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