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5 Reasons to Get a Tutor

For many expat parents arriving in Hong Kong, the decision of where to enrol their children into school, is a difficult one. Moving is tough for everyone in the family, and new adjustments must be made. Many of these changes include getting used to new schools, new curriculums, new languages, new friends and so much more.

Getting used to all the changes takes time for the students, as well as their parents. Often, a little extra help is required and that’s where tutors step in. In this blog, we discuss the five

main ways a tutor can help ease the transition for new students in Hong Kong.

New Language

The standard of Hong Kong public schools is excellent and parents can expect a high level of education for their child – taught predominantly in Cantonese. While this is something Hong Kong is extremely proud of, it can be intimidating for students who are not familiar with the local language.

Students who do not speak Cantonese fluently, will be at a major disadvantage and will require some extra help to polish their language skills so they can reach their potential. We assist many expat families with a bridging system, to help ease the transition for their child into the Hong Kong education system.

Different Learning Style

Moving to any new country can be exhilarating but also a little scary – especially for new students in a new school. Hong Kong schools operate differently from many other schools and although the standard is extremely high, the teaching methods may differ from what the child is used to.

Learning styles, applications and techniques may seem foreign to new students and a bridging system may be necessary for many. Coaching students through a foreign system is important to ensure they feel safe and confident enough to express themselves, and adapt to their new environment.

Differences in Curriculums

When coming from a different country, children are not only adjusting to new learning styles, new friends and sometimes a new language, they are also adjusting to an entirely new curriculum. What some systems focus on, others do not and vice versa. This can be confusing for children especially when new subjects are introduced while others are discarded. National history lessons change and exam results may be calculated in a whole new way.