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5 Tips for Revision During the Holiday Break

When we think of school holidays, we think of having fun with our friends and families, lots of food and good times. We don’t usually think about exams and revision. During the December holidays however, exams like the GCSE are just around the corner, so revision for these students is a must. Fortunately, the December holidays in Hong Kong are not very long which means it will be easy to stay the course and stick to a revision schedule. It can be a struggle to maintain the discipline required for revision when everyone around you is having a great time. Remember, the best things in life are worth working for and when your results come in, you will be so glad you put in the time and effort to revise. To help with your holiday revision, we have 5 important tips from our expert tutors that can make the study-time a little bit easier. Tip 1: Join a Study Group Studying for exams can feel very isolating, especially when all your family and friends are enjoying their time off. It can feel unfair. Going through the same thing together with someone else, can help you deal with these feelings while also giving you support and encouragement to stick to your revision schedule.

Find a fellow student or join the group revision classes we offer to help you stay accountable to your work. It’s not just a way to make the work more fun, it means you can still hang out with friends and have a good time during the holiday. Tip 2: Create a Revision Timetable In this blog, we discuss why revision is important and we also provide you with a FREE downloadable revision timetable. Before school closes for the holidays, we recommend taking the time to fill in the timetable and map out how you plan to revise. By planning it out in chunks of time, you will be able to set aside enough time to get through everything you need to, without feeling like it has to take up your entire holiday. A pro tip is to set your alarm a little earlier and dedicate your mornings to study time. Most families will take a while to get going in the morning, so you will be able to get the revision done and dusted without feeling like you are missing out on any fun. By doing it this way, you will also be able enjoy the rest of the day without having your revision hanging over your head. Tip 3: Change your Environment If the whole family is off work and school at the same time, studying at home can be a challenge. The house might be noisy and distracting or you might feel like you are missing out on things. Why not change it up and create your own studying environment? Pick a quiet local coffee shop or even a park. Take everything you will need to study and get out of the house. It can be a nice little solo-outing and the change of scenery will feel refreshing and allow you to focus on your work. Choosing the right spot (with few distractions), will allow you to focus on the task at hand and maximise your study time. When it’s all done, you can go home and re-join the fun. Tip 4: Be Creative When we think of studying, most of us imagine sitting at a desk with paper and pens. Does serious revision always have to look like that? We say no! In fact, the more creative your revision tactics are, the more you will remember your work! Research suggests that when we associate physical actions with facts, figures or formulas, our brain is more likely to recall that information. Try adding interesting actions to your revision and definitely avoid rote learning. Try creating your own exam questions and teaching your siblings or if they are not willing, stuffed toys. Think about what you would ask characters in your history book if you ever had a chance to meet them? Use your imagination and try to incorporate movement into your studying. Example, clap if you get an answer right or stand up and walk around when you are teaching. Anything that will combine movement and learning can be an excellent study tool. Tip 5: Get a Tutor We have private or group study sessions set up specifically for holiday revision. Our tutors are experts at helping students create realistic revision timetables and will keep you accountable and on track. Having a tutor also means you can use the time effectively to study but also, to catch up, or clear up any areas of the work that you do not feel confident with. Our tutors are also familiar with all the exam types and questions you will receive so they can best prepare you for the upcoming exam. If you feel you need more help structuring your revision, we have exam prep courses for DSE, AS & A-Levels, AP and IBDP. For more information on our revision courses, please call us at +852 2383 0300 or WhatsApp +852 9298 3538.


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