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5 Ways to Learn Mathematics Effectively

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Mathematics is a subject that you must learn and cannot escape from. You may find it very attractive and interesting, but sometimes feel like it is a disaster and hate it. When teachers talk about numbers, symbols and formulae, you already know that you are going to spend a lot of time on calculations. The question is how we do maths more quickly and effectively?

1. Keep doing exercises

Okay, I know it sounds very time-consuming! One thing we need to realize is that you cannot learn maths just by reading and listening. We have to write and calculate the numbers. By practicing, our mind will be a lot faster in dealing with numbers, especially in an exam setting. So I definitely suggest you go do some drilling exercises !

2. Learn from mistakes

When doing maths exercises, you’re guaranteed to encounter wrong calculations. Everyone does, even great mathematicians! However, how do you improve on this ? Try to look back at your calculations and see what you do wrong in the steps. Sometimes it takes a longer time to spot the mistakes, but you will feel relieved after you’ve understood them. At the end of the day, if you’re critical with yourself, you won’t make the same mistakes and do them correctly! That’s how the top students excel at the end of the day.

3. Understand the key concepts

Math is not just about numbers and symbols. There are concepts that you need to understand and apply the right formula. One way to test your maths concepts is by doing multiple-choice questions, because there are tricky choices and it is the great time to test out your math comprehension! But remember,  don’t memorize the procedures or steps. It it’s not a humanities based subject! 

4. Strengthen the foundation

Throughout your whole school career, you’ll be still learning maths, so your mathematics foundation must be solid in order to pick up the advanced knowledge. The more you learn, the harder the math becomes! If you are already falling behind your cohorts, go work on the foundations before going to another class! 

5. Apply the math in real life!

Math is all around the world. When you eat, play or travel, there are maths inside. The most obvious math is pricings and the machinations of our global economy. As long as you apply math in everything, you will realize that math is fun and relates to everything!


Author: Prudence Mak


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