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Admissions to Your Dream School: How ME Can Help

"The early bird catches the worm."

Adopting a proactive approach to school admissions can be hugely beneficial for both parents and students. Getting ahead of the application process can help to alleviate stress, minimize mistakes and avoid last minute rushing or worse – crushing disappointment.

At ME, we are able to boast over 16 years of experience in local and international school admissions. We have helped students apply to nearly every local and international school in Hong Kong, as well as many high-profile schools abroad. Our record speaks for itself as we have helped more than 100,000 students to enter their dream school. All of this experience and insight primes us to help future students and their families determine which school will be the right fit for them, and understand the entire application process for their prospective school.

Admissions Consulting Services At ME, our Admission Consultants are able to help in the following four categories:

  1. International and Local School Applications

  2. Admissions Counselling

  3. Admissions Pathway

  4. Study Abroad

Admissions for Kindergarten Schools

"Education is the foundation upon which we build our future." - Christine Gregoire

Small students have big futures and it’s important that parents begin laying the proper foundation upon which they can build a good education. Finding the right school environment for them matters very much – especially in these formative years.

Parents who are seeking out the right Kindergarten for their child, can find great support in our admissions team and our tutors. We help parents identify the goals and values they hold dear and find suitable schools to match. Taking the time and investing in your child’s future could be the single most important thing you do for their education. Nobody enjoys interviews – even adults. That’s why it is important that these little students are given the encouragement and support they need to perform to their potential. Once the parents have selected the schools they wish to apply to, our team can help coach and prepare the children for their interviews. Admissions for Primary and Secondary Schools It doesn’t matter if our students are applying to local schools, international schools or boarding schools, our admissions team can help them understand their own educational goals and take them through the entire application process of their chosen school. Often, when going through the application requirements, consultants will be able to identify if there are any gaps in the student’s education. This is where getting an early start on applications can prove helpful. If a gap is identified, ME tutors are on hand and experienced to help bridge those gaps so the student will feel confident and prepared for their application and interview. During the application process for local or international schools, our team may conduct student assessment counselling and arrange school visits. When the time for applications arrives, our team is experienced at generating English versions of student resumes and assisting with application forms and submission. Thanks to our well-known name and proven track record, we are able to liaise with the schools so that we can best prepare students for their entrance exams and interviews. If required, we are also able to accompany students to the interview for translation assistance.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge and suitability for the school in question, as well as make use of the opportunity to learn more about the school, and figure out if things are a good fit — for everyone involved. Admissions for Universities When it comes to furthering education, there are so many universities and colleges to consider, and each one has their own set of admission guidelines. Aside from the educational aspect alone, students need to consider social integration and language capabilities as well. They also need to be aware of the extra-curricular activities they consider important, and marks they need to attend their university or college of choice. These will all be underpinned by the student’s aspirations and future career plans. It’s a lot to take on and a big decision to make. Fortunately, ME Education has an average success rate of 90% for our applicants. Our proven admissions consultancy approach means that despite the hoops that need to be jumped through for university applications, if students have ME on their side, an acceptance letter to their dream school is a lot more achievable than they might think! Studying abroad Studying abroad can be life-changing for students and their families. It can bring so many advantages like a broader worldview, enhanced learning style and eventual professional success. ME has a wide network of schools abroad. We work with numerous schools in the United Kingdom, North America, and Australia. Since 2006, ME has established itself as a recognised study abroad partner to help students successfully take this huge step. We aid students in the search for the right school and are able to answer their questions about the schools and about the challenges of studying abroad. We assist with Entry and exit requirements such as documents, visas and required insurance documents. Our admissions team will help students complete all relevant documentation, liaise with the school and prepare everything in English as required by the strict application guidelines. Many international schools will require IELTS or TOEFL proficiency. Our international tutors are experienced to prepare students for these exams. For younger students traveling abroad, we have options for a Guardian who cares for the child during airport transfers, holidays, accommodation arrangements and more. ME Admissions Consulting Our admissions consultants have a proven track record of guiding students and families through every part of the process, and opening doors to their academic future. If you’re exploring school options, our admissions consultants can help make sense of all the considerations. Book an appointment by calling us on +852 2383 0300, or WhatsApp us on +852 9298 3538.


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