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Chemistry: Periodic Table and the Elements

We at ME Education, set important objectives for ourselves. Among the most important, is to ensure that once our students leave us, they are equipped with the luxury of choice when it comes to selecting their professional path. We do this by offering international qualifications that are recognised by the world’s best universities and employers.

The Cambridge Assessment International Education is one such qualification, and it gives students a springboard from which to propel their further education as well as their careers. The Cambridge programmes and qualifications are created by subject experts and they set the global standard for international education. Every course provides students with a strong platform to progress, further supported by the guidance and leadership of our highly qualified teachers.

The Cambridge resources deliver high-quality educational programmes that work to unlock learners’ potential. Every year, we help our students from all over the world prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge International.

The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry course offered at ME Education allows our students to make sense of the technological world around them. It is not merely reams of notes that students must parrot off. It provides them with practical knowledge that they can apply in the real world. By equipping them with the ability to understand scientific matters and recognise the usefulness and the limitations of scientific methods, they learn how to apply this to other subjects and in their everyday life. They also learn to develop an appreciation for accuracy and precision, neutrality, truth, curiosity, initiative and ingenuity.

Understanding Chemistry and the way the world works, makes way for sensitivity as the students learn about their environments and how it is all interconnected. In turn, they learn to care for their environment. With the help of their teachers, our students are taught to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

In their chemistry classes, students are taught the fundamental concepts thoroughly and are encouraged to apply their learnings