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Considering Future Careers

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We know that the time we have with our students is precious, largely because it is so limited. The role we play in their lives may be short, but it is crucial. We’d like to ensure that our students are prepared and ready to tackle the new challenges they will face in their ongoing educational and professional paths. One of the most important challenges they will face is that of selecting a career. We want our older students to be familiar with the choices before them, so that they can lay a solid groundwork for their aspirations.

Future Self We encourage them to try and think about what job they can imagine their future selves enjoying for many years. They have so many wonderful choices ahead of them, that making this decision is not an easy one. We understand if they are not ready to land on a decision just yet. For those students who do have an idea of what field they want to go into, we can help them to develop a plan. Our advice is always to select a career path in line with their passions and interests because if you enjoy what you do, you will always give your best. Hobbies and passions also provide a good starting point for students who are unsure of what careers to consider. Follow your passion and think of ways to make them lucrative. The time and energy students dedicate to learning, and the areas of study where they give their best efforts, profoundly shape the opportunities they will have throughout their lives. Subjects to Consider Some students have dreams of becoming doctors, nurses or engineers. For these students we encourage them to hone in on their schoolwork subjects like science, physics, chemistry and biology. Our technologically minded students are encouraged to pursue career paths in the burgeoning field of robotics, gaming and IT. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects are perfectly catered to prepare students for these growing fields. For our creative students, we discuss options in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communication fields. For these professions we encourage courses that focus on languages, reading, writing and art. Our business minded students are encouraged to focus on mathematics, negotiation and critical thinking-based courses.

Searching for a Career

If students are struggling to find a particular profession appealing, they won’t know which of their subjects to narrow their focus on. If they do have an idea, there is a higher chance that they will strive to perform well in their relevant studies.

We like to ask students to make a list of things that they like to search for on the internet. We sometimes forget that our hobbies can lead to good careers, and most likely, if we are good at something, that talent can morph into a rewarding career.

We also encourage them to speak to family members and adults they know who are working. Getting a first-hand account of what a job entails may spark a passion or extinguish an unrealistic expectation. "Students cannot be what they cannot see." Students are affected by what they are exposed to. As parents and educators, the responsibility to show them what is possible, falls to us.

Understanding a student’s learning style can also help narrow down career paths fo