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English Language for Adults

Picture the scene:

Your boss has tasked you with the responsibility of landing a major client. You are so excited and begin preparing immediately. You must present to a large group of business representatives from all over the world. Your presentation needs to include a detailed overview of the business, complete with financials, growth charts and trend reports. At the end, you must leave 30 minutes to answer any questions they may have on the more technical aspects of the deal. The only catch is – you have to do it all in a foreign language.


What could have been an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills, prove yourself to your boss and launch you into a whole new earning bracket, has quickly turned into most people’s biggest nightmare. What if there is a way to safeguard yourself against ever having to deal with this scenario? Well, rest assured, there is!

We recommend taking an adult English course.

Why learn English?

There are more than 6000 languages worldwide but only one can grab the top spot for "most spoken". English is the most widely used language in the world and is spoken by over three-quarters of the world’s population. As technology advances, businesses are no longer limited by borders, and the ability to communicate with world markets becomes more and more pertinent. English proficiency is especially crucial in today’s corporate world. The chances of having to tailor presentations to English speaking audiences, is high.

As the language that is spoken in 94 countries, and the language that represents 25.9% of worldwide internet users, it is worthwhile investing the time and effort that goes into learning English – even in your adult years. Having the ability to communicate with global markets, could set you apart from your colleagues, and be the launchpad for a major career high.

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, English proficiency is a key component for success. Performing well in a job interview, securing the role, establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, all hinges on a person’s ability to communicate effectively. Simply speaking the language is usually not enough. One needs to be able to read and write in English too. Most global brands rely on English to communicate in their emails, resources, presentations, corporate documents and internal messaging platforms.

Advantages for Adult Learning

Many adults shy away from learning a new language with excuses like, "I’m too old to learn a whole new language" or "it’s too difficult for me at this stage." The truth is, learning a new language as an adult, actually has some serious advantages.

  • Your cognitive system is developed. You understand how your brain works and how to learn efficiently. This makes new concepts easier to learn and understand.

  • You have life experience. This means you will be able to make associations with the new vocabulary you learn, making it easier to remember.

  • You are self-motivated. If a bonus pay-check or a potential raise is within reach, you will likely be motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Improving your self-confidence at work can also be highly motivating.

  • It can be fun! Adults appreciate the benefits of acquiring new knowledge and skills more than children. You can view learning English as a new hobby by enrolling in fun and inspiring courses like the one at ME education.

Tips to Start

Here are some quick tips to start practicing before taking the next step and enrolling in an English course for adults.

  • Choose a 'Word of the Day' every day and learn to use it in context.

  • Keep a vocabulary journal and write down new words you come across. Look them up if you don’t understand the meaning.

  • Find an English book you like and read one page before bedtime.

  • Watch a series or show you enjoy in English, with subtitles in your own language. This is helpful so you can keep up with the story. Try not to look at the subtitles unless you have to. It will get easier and easier to recognise words without having to translate them.

Enrol in an English Course for Adults

If you are interested in finding out more about our adult course offerings, call us at 2383 0300 or WhatsApp 9298 3538 for free assessment and consultation!


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