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Finding the Right School in Hong Kong

How Do You Choose the Best School for Your Child? Whether it’s kindergarten, primary, high school or university, choosing the right school for your child is an important and personal decision. One that must be based on your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses as well as a multitude of other factors that are unique to every family. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly as it can frame a child’s perception of the education journey. The friends they make at school may also be lifelong friends if they are lucky.

Every parent wants to find a school that will help their child to realise their potential while also providing a happy and nurturing environment. It’s difficult to know which school will answer these needs without having seen how they operate first hand.

Hong Kong Education To add to the complexities of the decision, many parents coming over from abroad to Hong Kong, are unfamiliar with the school options in their new home. Do they consider a local or international school? For new arrivals who do not speak the language, an international school may be a better fit. Alternatively, some students who have been here for a while, may want to transition from an international school, into a local school. Hong Kong is a unique place in that it offers such a wide variety of cultures, options and considerations for children of school going age. While this is a major benefit, it does not make the decision-making process easy.

What Sets ME Admissions Apart? Fortunately, at ME, this is exactly why we have cultivated such a good name in the school admissions space. We have 15 years of experience in applying to nearly every local and international school in Hong Kong, as well as schools abroad. We are well equipped to advise students and their families on which schools they should consider based on the child’s personality, strengths and potential for admission. With a proven track record of over 100,000 students successfully applying to their chosen school, we have learned the dos and don’ts of how to handle the whole process. Our help does not begin and end at the admissions process. Our team are also well trained to identify any gaps that need bridging before the application process can begin. It’s crucial that our students feel confident and assured of their success when the time comes for their application. Whether a student is applying to local schools, international schools, boarding schools or universities, our aim is to help them understand their own educational goals, by demystifying the whole process. It can seem complex but with the right approach, it can all be managed painlessly and efficiently. It’s no coincidence that the most popular services we offer are the school applications and admissions counselling for primary, secondary and university guidance.

What’s Involved? When a student arrives at ME, they will be assessed and interviewed so