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German Swiss International School (GSIS)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The school network ME has established, allows us to offer our students a great advantage when it comes to the application process. One of the prestigious and popular international school options in Hong Kong is the German Swiss International School (GSIS).

Photo courtesy of GSIS Facebook page

Because we have assisted countless students with their admission process to GSIS, we are intimately familiar with what they are looking for in their exams and admissions interviews. We have also learned how to help students not to make easy mistakes or avoidable errors that we have seen with other applicants. These small but significant blunders can make or break a school admission application.

Our tutors and admission consultants work closely with students applying to GSIS. We can assist with applications to Kindergarten & Primary School as well as Secondary school admissions.

The GSIS Application Process

In order to attend GSIS, students are expected to be able to follow classes in either German or English.

English International Stream: Kindergarten and Primary

Applications are conducted via the school’s online Application System. Our applications team work with the students to complete the application forms and prepare for their (KG1) entrance 1-1 exam. Students who are applying for the English International Stream Kindergarten and Y01, are assessed individually but within a group of up to eight children.

The tutors at ME are able to identify where and how to assist with the student’s requirements to develop physical and social skills training so they are well prepared for the admissions requirements and stand the best chance of achieving success.

German International Stream (Kindergarten to Secondary) and English Secondary

Applications for these divisions are also conducted via the school’s online Application System. For these students, our admissions team prepares them well for the entrance exam via one-on-one prep or if preferred and available, group classes.

Students are taken through the CAT4 training requirements. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is an assessment used by many schools to give the educators a better understanding of how students learn best. It also gives the students and their parents an insight into their academic potential and how best to tap into it. The type of tasks in the assessment are aimed at understanding the students non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and spatial ability.

English Primary Y02 to Y06 applicants will also be assessed via a written test for English and Mathematics as well as a verbal English reading comprehension. ME tutors are able to guide the students through the material efficiently and comprehensively.

Photo courtesy of GSIS Facebook page

School Tours

To get to know the school better so students and their families can make an informed decision, school tours can be arranged. Our admissions consultants can set everything up on your behalf so the process is seamless and enjoyable.

GSIS is a well-respected school and an extremely popular choice for Hong Families with German Swiss roots. The school prides themselves on their strong values and appreciating every student for who they are and what they contribute to the school.

To learn more about GSIS or the other top international schools we partner with, please give us a call on +852 2383 0300 or WhatsApp +852 92983538.


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