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HK University Introduction

Did you know that Hong Kong boasts some of the world’s top 50 universities? In 2020, the rankings for Asia were published and 3rd, 8th and 10th place universities can be found in Hong Kong. These include The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology among others. Aside from the exceptional level of education these universities offer students, they also have the added advantage of exposing students to both Eastern and Western cultures. Hong Kong is an international city with the benefit of global, regional and local connectivity.

Many of the Hong Kong university institutions adopt international standards in curriculum design. The qualifications students receive are internationally recognised and among some of the best in the world.

In order to successfully apply to these world-renowned institutions or receive access to various scholarships offered by the HKSAR Government or other organisations, there are a number of strict criteria that must be fulfilled.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Scores: Firstly, you need to ensure that you even qualify for admission. For most courses, students will need to have earned satisfactory results on their college admission tests, for example, SAT scores. Depending on what majors a student wishes to take, their relevant subject scores will also have to be considered. Example, for students wishing to study economics, their mathematics scores will have to be adequate. Language: Non-native English-speaking students wishing to attend an English-speaking university will likely need to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Forms: It’s important to contact the university of interest to find out pertinent information about admissions requirements, program-specific criteria, and application deadlines. Timing is crucial so be sure to confirm what paperwork is needed and when the deadlines are so you are not left unprepared. Admission Interviews: To gain admission into these top universities, there will likely be an interview. Many students find this an extremely intimidating portion of the application process. We believe that with the right preparation, there is no reason students should not excel at these interviews. We recommend preparing by trying to find all possible interview scenarios. Admission Essays/Personal Statements: Many universities will ask students for a personal statement or application essay. They will generally implement these essays into the interview process and ask questions based on the statement. It’s important that students are honest in these essays but also clear to show why they are eligible candidates and what awards/achievements they have.

UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS PACKAGE When applying to a top university, there is a lot to consider. It’s perfectly understandable that the process can seem daunting and even overwhelming. At ME, we have learned how to master these applications and know just how to prepare each student so they are primed to excel at their chosen university’s application process. Included in our University Admissions Package is a whole host of services to ensure students are best prepared. These include:

  • Consultations, Evaluations, Counselling

  • Essays / Personal Statement Review

  • Interview Preparation

  • University Search and Visits

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Supplemental Materials

Having a helping hand through the application process can be invaluable. Our tutors are well-versed in all elements of the process and can guide students on best practices while helping them play to their strengths. University is such a unique and rewarding time in most students' lives. It can help them to build their self-confidence and independence, make new friends and live somewhat independently. It also opens the door for them into a whole world of new career opportunities. Do you have any admissions related questions? If so, please contact our expert consultants or book a free session here.


Case Study Hoven began studying at ME Education 2.5 years ago when he was in Grade 11. Hoven decided he wanted to study medicine at HKU which requires an IELTS score of 7.5, but he was currently at 7.0. He was timid at the beginning, even afraid of making conversation in English. Mr. Raymond quickly identified his greatest weakness as Speaking and decided to focus on oral skills to improve his lowest IELTS section. Over the course of the program, Raymond drilled Hoven on various speaking test skills such as how to answer examiners' questions narratively by adding more description and details. Slowly, Hoven built confidence in his discussion concepts and delivery. We are proud to say that after this tailor-made IELTS training program at ME Education, Hoven received an overall score of Band 8, including an incredible 8.5 on the Speaking section! We are so happy that Hoven achieved his IELTS goal for his application to HKU and wish him the best in his university studies.


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