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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.

For many of our students, learning English is a challenge. It can be a difficult language to master but it is well worth the effort. English is the most used and spoken language in the world.

Today, we use the English language in business, science, and technology. While it may be challenging at times, learning English will help students gain access to a multitude of international schools and universities. It will also increase their chances of getting good internships and jobs once they graduate.

At ME Education, we offer the IELTS as part of our curriculum. IELTS is regarded as the world's most popular English Language test and is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions. It is also accepted by over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States, and by various professional organisations across the world. ​It is safe to say IELTS is a well renowned and respected English language qualification to have.

Taking IELTS opens doors for our students. No matter what their academic or career aspirations are, IELTS is key to helping them achieve their dreams in the international arena. It can help them to live, study and work all around the world.

More than 10,000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS, including government, academic and employment institutions. In fact, IELTS is the only English Language test accepted for immigration purposes by all countries that require one. ​

Some students study best one-on-one, while others seem to thrive in a group-learning setting. We offer opportunities for both types of students at ME. IELTS tutoring is available to help students master the four parts of the IELTS namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Listening seems like it would come naturally so why do we focus on studying it?

Listening to a foreign language is actually not that easy, but it is a vital skill for language learning. Research shows that when we communicate, we spend around 40-50% of our time listening, 25-30% speaking, 11-16% reading and only 9% writing. (Social media may have skewed these results to include more writing/texting)


Reading English helps to improve student’s vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. The more a student reads, the more information their brain receives about how the language works – even if they are not aware of it at the time.


Good writing skills allow students to communicate a message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. ME Education’s teachers are well versed in the all portions of the IELTS and will ensure the students know just what to expect for this portion of the test.


The ability to transmit thoughts into speech is the cornerstone of both social and academic success. If our students are able to express themselves eloquently and effectively, it will lead to greater self-confidence and success in the world. ME Education’s teachers will work with the students, giving them the vocabulary and sentence structure skills, they will need to speak properly.

How is the IELTS test structured?

The IELTS test is designed to help student’s use English effectively. It assesses all of the English skills they have acquired.

The IELTS test is broken up as follows:

Listening: 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes' transfer time)

Reading: 60 minutes

Writing: 60 minutes

Speaking: 11–14 minutes

The test total time is: 2 hours and 45 minutes. ​ Listening, Reading and Writing are completed in one sitting.

The Speaking test may be taken on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests.

Mastering English helps our students to increase their educational opportunities, opening doors to many international schools and universities around the world. We are here to help, guide and teach them so they can reach their educational goals and career aspirations in life.

If you are interested in finding out more about our private or group IELTS course offerings, call us at 2383 0300 or WhatsApp 9298 3538 for free assessment and consultation!


"I moved to HK in 10th grade from Harbin, China where very few speak English. My goal was to attend a university abroad, but I was nervous because I had very limited English proficiency. I didn’t know where to begin. ME Education helped me from the beginning to the end of the process. They helped me with admissions interviews and the application process and I was accepted into American International School. The teachers helped me so much with my transition during my first year in HK on a new curriculum. In grade 11, I took exam prep courses for SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. I raised my scores tremendously. I’m proud to have been admitted to the college of electrical engineering at many top universities including: University College London, Queen Mary University of London, Brunel University London, King’s College London, HKUST, CUHK, and University of Illinois Urbana Champagne and Virginia Tech."



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