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IELTS: Tips for Success!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Most IELTS students are aiming for at least band 6.5 or 7 as this is what is required for

most universities and international workplaces. To achieve this level you need to be

able to:

● Speak at length clearly with little or no effort

● Show a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structure

● Read and listen with understanding

How can you achieve this level? Follow these tips:

★ Know yourself

When was the last time you had an English assessment? Do you know your

strengths and weak areas? Do some IELTS past papers. Better still, ask an

experienced teacher to assess you!

★Know the IELTS course in detail

Familiarise yourself with every part of the exam. The requirements of each

section are quite complicated. We can give you guidance and practice.

★ Use quality websites and textbooks

Use reputable sources like Cambridge and the British Council. Ask us for advice.

★ Join a class

Practise your speaking and listening skills by joining a class. You can also work

on improving your vocabulary.

★ Read and watch

Develop a routine of reading fiction and non-fiction texts. Watch or listen to the

news regularly. Enjoy English TV shows that interest you.

★ And, most importantly, get an experienced teacher!

Above all, you need commitment and practice. Then, with our help, you

can achieve your desired grade!


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1 Comment

Kian F
Kian F
Oct 05, 2021

Great sshare

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