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Student Profile: Cecilia

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Cecilia has been a student at ME Education since 2018. Originally from Beijing China, Cecilia’s family made the move to Hong Kong when her father received a job offer. She is quick to tell us that she is happy her family made the move because she is enjoying her new life in Hong Kong very much.

It was through the recommendation of a family friend, whose children attend the school, that Cecilia’s family came to know about ME Education. They had heard wonderful reviews. "It was great!" Cecilia shares, "because when I joined, I had friends in the school already. It was also easy to make new friends because the other students are very friendly."

Sitting down with Cecilia, it is very clear to see that she is passionate about her schoolwork. "I love to study and my favourite subject is Biology," she tells us. We asked her why she loves Biology above the other subjects and her eyes light up when she says, "I love learning about the world and how it works – especially the human body and all the processes." She asks in wonderment, "don’t you find it so interesting how the foods we eat are digested and how we are able to breathe?" We do indeed! Cecilia is studying the Cambridge International Biology IGCSE curriculum and she is enjoying every moment of it.

It is always inspiring to see what ignites the passions of our students. For Cecilia, it’s the workings of the human body. Her love for the subject translates into excellent grades. Cecilia received the highest mark in the class on her previous Biology paper and although she does well in her other subjects too, this one made her very proud.

Since Cecilia is such an excellent student, we asked her what tips or tricks she uses for studying or exam prep. "I learn through writing out my notes but every student is different. I think it is important to understand how you learn best and use that way. Some people learn through pictures so you can draw diagrams, others learn by listening so you could record yourself and play the notes back. There are lots of ways to study," Cecilia shares. That is excellent advice. According to Fleming, N.D. and Mills, C. (1992 - Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection), there are four modalities that reflect the experience of learning and they have been described as VARK. The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinaesthetic sensory.

It is great that Cecilia knows how she studies best and it will help her to achieve her goals. She is determined to do well in her final exams in June and November. Cecilia notes that she needs to put in some extra work for physics as she finds it a bit more challenging than her other subjects.

For anyone who knows Cecilia, it's easy to guess what she wants to study after graduation. We asked her anyway and this was her response. "I would like to study medicine one day and become a doctor. I might even decide to specialise. If I do, I would choose Paediatrics. I find the human body very interesting and I love helping people. I also love children. If I can combine all three of those things, I will have a very rewarding career."

With such promising futures in our hands, it is crucial that the faculty at ME Education are doing everything in their power to support our students in achieving their goals. We asked Cecilia how ME education is helping to prepare her for your chosen career? She said, "my teachers know I am passionate about becoming a physician one day. They always make sure I am learning the subjects I need to qualify, and they will often use practical examples to bring the coursework alive for us. They are also offering revision courses now which helps us to prepare for our exams."

For other students who are considering enrolling at ME Education, Cecilia offers this advice:

"Come and meet the teachers and you will see that ME Education is the right place for you."

When Cecilia is not being a star student, she enjoys some of her other hobbies including ballet. Cecilia has been taking ballet classes since she was little and she says she loves it very much.

When asked where she would like to travel to if she could go anywhere in the world, Cecilia says, "I would love to go to New Zealand. I watched a show on TV about it once and it looked so beautiful."

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Cecilia is going places and we are proud to be able to support her on her way!


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