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Student Profile: Dania

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

ME Education students come from all across Asia. We teach and advise students of all ages from 20 of the top international schools in Hong Kong and over 40 local schools. 

Due to the dynamic profile of our school, our students are a medley of ethnicities, cultures, languages, religions, and opinions. This means that all our students can continually learn and grow through their interactions with each other. Being a part of such a diverse institute prepares them for a prosperous future in the global economy.

We are so proud of each and every one of our students and we enjoy showcasing their successes to the world. Because of this, we will feature students in a regular blog series to share their insights into what brought them to ME Education and why they are enjoying their time with us.

In this first series, we speak to Dania, who has been studying with us for almost three years.

Dania was born in Mainland China and moved over to Hong Kong because her family owns a Hong Based business. Dania’s family was referred to ME Education because another one of our valued students happens to be Dania’s best friend. We are thrilled our school could serve as a way to reunite these two friends in a happy and safe environment of learning and growth. It is always easier making the transition to a new school when a friend is there to show you the ropes.

We chatted more to Dania about her favourite subject and we came to learn that she enjoys learning English because it allows her to read and enjoy all the exciting English storybooks she loves so much.