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Student Profile: Jacob

When Jacob first joined us at ME Education, he was a year 6 student at Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School. Despite his best intentions and working hard to succeed at his studies, Jacob was not achieving the results that he or his parents expected of him. They knew he could do better.

On the recommendation of a friend, Jacobs parents enrolled him at ME to help supplement his studies and help get him to the level they believed he had the potential to perform at. After an initial interview and current educational assessment, the tutor that Jacob was assigned to was Miss Holly. It was decided between the ME admissions consultants and Jacob’s parents that he would attend classes with Miss Holly three times a week. Miss Holly designed a study plan for Jacob which included writing and story classes as well as CAT4 lessons once a week. CAT4 is the exam requirement for the Chinese International School which Jacob and his parents had decided that he should attend. Together with Miss Holly, Jacob began working on the plan. Jacob and his parents felt confident that ME was the right environment for him as they felt supported and Jacob was encouraged to perform at his best. Following 12 months of intensive tutoring, Jacob felt ready to begin the application process to CIS. His parents arranged a meeting with our admission consulting department so another plan could be developed for the application process. Upon seeing Jacobs dramatic improvement, the consultants decided that in addition to applying to CIS, Jacob should submit a second application to Harrow International School too. ME helped Jacob with his application to both schools and was placed on the waiting list for both. Although this was a huge success and a major improvement from where he started, Jacob couldn’t help but feel disappointed that he had not made it straight through. "I was really disappointed, as I really like these two schools," he said. The admissions team at ME felt there was more that could be done to help with Jacobs chances of admission and so they worked with him to write letters to both schools. In these letters, Jacob detailed how much hard work and persistence had gone into his application as well as the major improvements he had made in the past year. The letter was detailed and respectful and included all the information the school would need to re—evaluate Jacob’s application. The letter was a success and Jacob received letters of offer from both the Chinese International School and Harrow International School!

"I want to thank Ms Holly because she helped me so much with my studies. Me and my parents are so happy with the outcome," Jacob said.

Jacob’s mother sent us a beautiful letter in which she wrote:

"ME have been most patient in answering our numerous questions and provided much needed assistance in the actual application. They also tirelessly followed up with the schools. I would dare say that without the help of ME, we would be at loss as to what to do and which direction to take."

While we know our role is to help and guide our students, without their hard work and dedication to their studies, none of it would be possible. We would like to extend a major congratulations to Jacob and his family for persevering even when it seemed hopeless. Jacob, your grit and determination will serve you well in your future. We wish you every success on your journey!


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