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Student Profile: Leo

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Leo joined ME Education a little over four years ago after his family made the move from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

The family made the decision to move to Hong Kong because both Leo’s parents received job offers in Hong Kong. After searching for the right school to enroll Leo in, his parents took the advice of some friends who highly recommended ME Education. They have not regretted their decision! Leo loves his life in Hong Kong but misses his grandparents very much. They are both still living in China and Leo hopes to visit them very soon.

Leo is a serious and hard-working student who excels at his subjects. He has an analytical mind and of all his subjects, he enjoys mathematics the most. Leo’s Math teacher, Mr. Arnold, is impressed with his abilities and he consistently achieves high grades in this class. Leo’s fellow students know they can approach him for help when they are unsure of a math problem because he performs well in the class.

It is not just math that Leo is good at. He is extremely proud of his academic performance and he takes all his subjects seriously. “Getting good grades makes me proud of myself so I work hard to achieve them.”

It’s an honor to have a student like Leo, who has such an excellent work ethic and takes such pride in his school work. When it comes to exam preparation, Leo encourages his fellow students to pay close attention to teachers in the classroom so nothing important is missed when exams come around.

We take great pride in providing a well-rounded education for our students. While Leo is very focused on his academic performance, he is also a football enthusiast and hopes to join the school football team this year. Leo also hopes to continue his passion for the sport after graduation, by playing professionally if given the opportunity or perhaps even coaching a football team.

Leo spends his time after school completing his homework and then practicing his football skills every day. In the age of iPad’s, smartphones, and video games, it’s a pleasure to see students actively engaging in outdoor activities.

“A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and vice versa.” – Zig Ziglar

Leo agrees that staying fit and healthy is important. He admits to carrying a bit of extra weight before he discovered his passion for football. Now that he is an energetic sportsman, the extra weight has fallen off him and he enjoys a much healthier and more active lifestyle.

“I think other students should join ME Education,” Leo shares. “Because you get to study interesting work and you also get to make great friends at the same time.”

It makes us so proud to watch students like Leo flourish in our education system. We strongly believe in a well-rounded education and Leo is a great example of how well this approach works. He is serious, academic, athletic, social and an all-around wonderful student, son, and friend.

We invest in our students and love watching them thrive. It’s our mission to cater our approach to their unique needs so we can help them reach their goals, just as Leo is doing.

To learn more about enrolment, please contact us on 2383 0300 or Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial lesson here.


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