Student Profile: Ming Fang

Updated: Jan 14

In this second instalment of our Student Profile Series, we introduce you to our wonderful student, Ming Fang.

Ming joined ME Education with high aspirations of interviewing and being accepted to her school of choice – The Chinese International School. In order to achieve her goals, Ming had to undergo a carefully designed program to ensure she was ready for her admission interview and her exams.

The admission and exam prep program began in June 2019 and consisted of two private lessons with Miss Julie every week. Each lesson lasted ninety minutes and the classes were conducted online. The lessons focused on preparing Ming for the English test she would be presented with in her interview as well as honing her English language skills for the oral portion of the interview process.

There is no better way to learn a language than to enjoy it through the pages of a book. Dr. Seuss said it best when he said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Ms. Julie assigned Ming with many different books to read and enjoy. Ming was also asked to write down her thoughts about the books for each class where they would discuss the stories within.

Ming says by doing this, her vocabulary increased and she learned so many new grammar and writing techniques. With Ms. Julie’s guidance, Ming’s writing skills improved considerably and she developed excellent reading habits.

To prepare Ming for the interview portion of her assessment, Miss Julie spent a good deal of time focusing on Ming’s interview and communication skills. As we all know, an interview is not merely a way to test one’s knowledge but a way to show if the student can apply their knowledge at the correct times. Body language is an important factor in interview preparation that should not be overlooked. It has been said that roughly 80% of what people understand in a conversation is read through the body, not what is said. Ms. Julie taught Ming how to present herself by practicing things like eye contact, controlling fidgeting and voice intonation.

Ms. Julie also helped Ming get familiar with how to answer interviewers' questions so that when the time came, she would be comfortable and confident with her answers.

Ming says, “I am even more grateful to ME's course consultants for helping me with the Chinese International School and English Schools Foundation School applications. They were always on standby whenever I needed support during the process, such as document preparation, school preparation, outcomes and follow-ups, until I successfully completed the enrolment process!”

After all the hard work and consistent effort required on Ming’s behalf, the rewards were well worth the effort. Ming received her admission letter to her dream school.

Looking back, Ming attributes her success to her excellent introduction application essay. Completing the essay allowed Ming to showcase all the skills she had spent hours honing with Ms. Julie and successfully secured her an invitation to take the entrance exam. Her performance throughout unlocked the door to her dream school - The Chinese International School.

“Not every applicant will have the exam opportunity. With ME's help, I received full essay editing support from the teachers and finally, the offer letter from my dream school!

I am so grateful for everything, ME Education helped me with. From day one they walked me through the entire admission process! I will continue my academic tutoring journey with ME.”

We wish Ming all the success for her school career ahead and we know she will have a bright future and enjoy high achievements at every turn of her life. May all her dreams come true!


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