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Student Profile: Sally

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

When a child comes to ME education with dreams of being admitted to the school of their choice, it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Their entire academic career as well as their hopes and aspirations for their careers, are tethered to this one decision. That’s why we make it our mission to turn that dream into a reality. That’s what happened with Sally. She had been struggling with her schoolwork and had lost interest in even her favourite subjects. She seemed despondent and did not feel as though her dream of attending an international school would ever come to fruition. The school Sally and her family had their hopes pinned on was the Singapore International School. After our admissions team conducted a full discussion with Sally and her family to determine her goals and ambitions, Sally was assigned to work with Mr Jimmy twice a week because he specialises in IELTS writing, DSE and Primary 6 Interview. The admissions counsellors felt this was the best fit for Sally and would yield the greatest chances of her attaining admission into SIS. In these lessons with Mr Jimmy, he focused on Sally’s writing, oral and grammar skills. Mr Jimmy is from Australia and has been teaching at ME for 11 years. He is a highly valued member of our staff. His teaching style is tough and disciplinary but also kind. He is well known for helping his students reach their full potential and is entirely committed to their success. Mr Jimmy’s teaching style seems to work especially well with students who struggle with personal responsibility and time management as he designs homework assignments individually for each student. ​This approach worked well for Sally because she needed to re-discover her lost passion and re-ignite the excitement she used to have for learning.

The students that graduate from Mr Jimmy’s class are usually extremely well-disciplined and primed for success. We asked Sally what she felt about her classes and this is what she shared with us. "Mr Jimmy allowed me to explore my thoughts and ideas – through both successes and failures. He pushed me beyond my own pre-set boundaries and I achieved more than I ever thought I could. I really enjoyed my studies with him."

Now, Sally has regained the interest she lost for her favourite subjects and has discovered and developed a new passion for reading and writing. Sally and her parents put this success down to her hard work as well as the amazing teachers at ME. Sally’s mother says, "Thanks to the incredible approach of ME, my daughter has become more independent and more persistent than I have ever seen her. We are so proud of everything she has already achieved and we cannot wait to see what is to come." When it came time to make the full application to SIS, ME's consultant gave Sally’s family a full plan of all the schools they could apply to – Including Singapore International School. Sally and her family selected SIS and ESF because the learning environments of both schools appealed to them. Sally’s mother says, "we asked ME for help with the application process as we knew that ME had a lot of successful cases applying to different schools before." Finally, all the hard work and dedication paid off and Sally received not just one but TWO offer letters from both SIS and ESF! "There are no words to thank you for all that you have done for Sally!" shares Sally’s mum.

Their happiness and Sally’s determination to succeed, as well as her excitement for the future is exactly why we do what we do. It’s our passion to work with ambitious students and we will continue to help as many students and families as we can, achieve their dreams and goals. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose the right school for you or your child, how to prepare for an interview or what schools we partner with, please contact our admissions consultants on 2383 0300.


"ME education is so helpful that they provided professional teachers who taught my daughter a lot of interview skills and phonics. My daughter's English speaking has improved rapidly and she is able to do storytelling after learning in ME. We are so happy that we received offers from both Harrow and AISHK, and we have chosen Harrow International School Hong Kong at last."

Mrs Cheung


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