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Student Profile: Rhea and Edan

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In this student profile, we are shining the spotlight on not ONE, but TWO incredible ME students. Thea and Adam are siblings who, after a few short months with ME, both received admission offers from a long list of first-class international schools.

Rhea, aged 11 and Edan, aged 7, both attended the International School of Beijing before their family made the move to Hong Kong. The siblings' mother explains that they moved to Hong Kong because, "we heard there is a better language atmosphere in the International schools of Hong Kong and that the children can reach the level of a native speaker, very quickly."

Moving across to Hong Kong was not without its challenges and this included finding the right school for Rhea and Edan. Their mom looked through dozens of different school options but could not find one that seemed to be the right fit for her children. It was not until she heard a friend mention that her child had been granted admission to a top international school in Hong Kong through the help of ME Education, that Rhea and Edan’s mum reached out to us. A glowing recommendation and a call to our admissions office were just what she needed to hear and as they say, "the rest is history."

Thea dreamed of attending The Chinese International School. In order to prepare for the interview, she was given invaluable guidance from Ms. Julie on how to study for the English tests, both spoken and written. Thea attended the one-on-one courses with Ms. Julie twice a week. Each course was 90 minutes.

Edan also began the process of preparing for his international school interviews. With the help of Mr. Thomas, Adam took part in one-on-one courses that focused on the subjects he needed for the international school entrance examinations.

Following their hard work and dedication, ME helped Rhea and Edan apply for several top international schools. Rhea applied to The Chinese International School, English Schools Foundation, and The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, while Edan applied to the Chinese International School, English Schools Foundation, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, Yew Chung International School, Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Singapore International School Hong Kong and Discovery Bay International School.