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Student Profile: Yumi

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In the fourth installment of our Student Profile Series, we introduce you to the bright, artistic, and determined young pupil – Yumi. Yumi is a new joiner and has only been with us for a few months now but so far, she is enjoying every moment.

Yumi joined us because her older siblings are ME Education students too. It is always nice to have older siblings at school to guide and support you, and Yumi is grateful to have her family with her at school each and every day.

The students at ME Education come from all over Asia, but Yuki and her siblings are from right here in Hong Kong. They love being in a school where they get to meet so many students from different places.

Yumi is extremely creative and she loves to draw and dance. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her passion and she shared that her favourite subject at ME Education is Art. No surprises there! Yumi loves being creative and expressing herself through ballet, drawing and painting. Her proudest moment at school so far was when her Art teacher noticed her talent and remarked at how beautiful Yumi’s painting was. On an academic level, Yumi also loves English Literature and her favourite book is New Selected Poems by Carol Ann Duffy.

Although she wishes she could practice art and dancing all day long, Yumi applies herself well to all her subjects and makes her other teachers proud too.

When we get the opportunity to sit down with a star student, we like to ask what tips they can share about their exam preparation habits. Yumi tells us that she believes organisation is extremely important. She recommends setting out a study timetable and really focusing on one subject at a time. It is a lot more productive to hone in on one subject and study it thoroughly than to bounce from subject to subject. By focusing on one subject, you can really get into the material. If you keep chopping and changing, your brain has to constantly switch gears and you may not retain the information as well. Yumi’s advice is excellent and we recommend students preparing for their exams take note.