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Teacher Profile: Mr Arnold

In this instalment of our Teacher Profile, we would like to introduce the highly respected, and very bi-lingual, Mr Arnold!

Mr. Arnold is what we call an 'immersive' bilingual teacher. He is able to teach his classes in English and Chinese which leads to a diversified learning experience that promotes comfort and growth for his students. After completing his Hong Kong A-level and GCE A-level from St. Paul’s Co-educational College, Mr Arnold went to Canada to continue with his studies. He graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours BSc Degree with Distinction in Mathematics and Statistics and a Master of Engineering in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Following his impressive qualifications, Mr Arnold sought to gain hands-on experience by teaching high-school and university students in mathematics and physics. Before coming back to Hong Kong, for the last two years, he has been working as a mathematics teacher in a Canadian high school. Mr Arnold has gained extensive experience in tutoring mathematics and physics for high school and university students over the last few years and he brings his seasoned expertise to our school. With his strong communication skills and heartfelt passion for teaching, Mr Arnold is a well-loved and respected member of our faculty. He also takes his role of helping teenagers both in academic work and preparation for their future, extremely seriously and his students thank him for his devotion. Mr Arnold’s classroom is full of a vibrant energy for learning. The subjects that Mr Arnold teach need to be taught with energy, if the students are going to develop a love for them. Without this energy, the content can be dry, complex and sometimes even a bit boring. Mr Arnold has a passion that helps to inspire, motivate and engage his students. Teachers like Mr Arnold help encourage students to be curious and creative individuals who will want to explore maths with energy and excitement too. There is absolutely nothing boring about his classes.

Mr Arnold shares his passion for mathematics, physics and chemistry with his students. His bilingual ability is extremely helpful for our students who are still learning their way around the English language. His ability to communicate with the students in their native tongue makes it easier to explain complex mathematical equations in a way every student will understand. For all that know him, it is very clear to see that Mr Arnold is committed to bringing students a more diversified learning experience, both in language and answering skills. We are thrilled to have him as a member of our team because both students and other faculty members love working with him. It is important for students to have a teacher who understands their abilities and differences. Mr Arnold has an incredible ability to empathise with his students and connect to them on their level. He understands what each student needs to be successful and he does everything within his power to meet them on their level and help them achieve their fullest potential.

Students in Mr Arnold’s class can expect animated explanations, plenty of examples and thorough explanations of each concept to ensure that everyone is 100% clear on the theory being taught. Once the theory has been covered, practical application is the name of the game ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Mr Arnold wants to help his students excel in his classes as well as prepare them for the future that lies ahead of them outside of the classroom. Be it with interview preparation, examination tips or discussions around future career options. He firmly believes that encouragement is an important factor in success and progress.

Bob Talbert says it best. "Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts, is best!"

Mr Arnold does both!


"Mr Arnold helped me to improve my Mathametics results. At the beginning I was only having 30 marks in my school exams, however, under the guidance of Mr Arnold, my marks increased from 30 to 70 in one semester!"



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