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Teacher Profile: Mr Jason Tong

When most people think of a History and Economics educator, I bet they imagine a stern looking teacher with glasses on the end of their nose, and a love of handing out long homework assignments. Jason Tong is a History and Economics teacher, but he does not fit the old-school stereotype of dreary, severe teachers. In fact, Jason is a spirited musician and sportsman. He loves to play all kinds of music but focuses specifically on the guitar and drums. He also participates in a music team for different charity organisations. Jason played national league level basketball at University and is an enthusiastic swimmer, achieving over 60 medals in numerous swimming competitions over the years. All of the teachers at ME are extraordinary in some way. They are unique, special and creative and they bring their passion for life with them into the classroom. In his own words, Jason says, "it’s my passion to teach and help our next generation to become better leaders for our future." In addition to his energy for life and exciting hobbies, Jason is also highly qualified. He graduated from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom with an Honours degree in Economics and Sociology. He went on to earn a Master’s degree of Science and Technology Management at the same university. He then studied and earned another Master’s degree of Business Administration at the Buckinghamshire New University in the UK. Jason has 8 years of teaching experience behind him. He has served as a university professor at the City University of Hong Kong and Beijing University of International Business and Economics, teaching business degree courses. He then served as a visiting university professor at South China University of Technology, Hong Kong Hopkins Training and Education Group, Melbourne Polytechnic and Macau Business Management Education Centre. Although he is fairly new to ME, we are thrilled to have him on board and he has settled well into the ME family. Jason chose to join us because he feels that it is meaningful to transfer his university teaching experiences to the students at ME Education and he believes wholeheartedly in the schools mission and values.

Despite the dreary reputation History and Economics may have, Jason loves the subjects he teaches, because he believes that they show us how to understand the society and the world we live in today, a little bit better. Jason’s teaching style is multifaceted. While he likes to focus on strategy, Jason also shows students how to appreciate the process as well as the results of their efforts. He is also big on practical applications and incorporates working experience wherever possible. Because of his laid-back and personable nature, Jason can relate to his students and they, in turn, respect and value his role in their lives. His classes are fun, interactive and rich with learning opportunities.

If students ask Jason for his advice on exam prep, he tells them not to underestimate the value of hard work, persistence and focus. "Be attentive, stay humble and know the standard, most importantly, the exam standard," he says.

It’s clear to see that Jason is sincere when he lays his intentions out for the year. "It’s important to me that my students fully understand the subjects and be able to apply them in real workplace environments in their future, as well as getting "GREAT" results in their examinations." When he is not inspiring students, achieving accolades or jamming on his guitar, Jason tells us that he loves to travel and has had the privilege of visiting over 30 countries already. Hopefully, normal travel will resume soon and Jason can continue his travels once more.


ME helped me so much! At first my results in Economics were very poor, but my grade improved from E to A in one semester! It was like a miracle studying in ME.



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