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Teacher Profile: Mr John

The dedicated teachers at ME Education are a major reason why we are the success we are today. Teachers are drawn to the ME Education family because of our welcoming atmosphere, deep sense of community and modern educational approach. We emphasise STEM based learning, and a supportive environment in which everyone has a part to play in helping our students reach their ultimate goals of getting accepted into the school or college of their choice.

Mr John is no exception to this rule and he has been helping students master the English language at ME for over twelve years! Heralding from England, UK, he is well equipped to teach our students the intricacies of the language as well as all its quirks, exceptions and oddities.

Most teachers enter the education arena because they enjoy making a difference in their students' lives. Mr John feels much the same. He joined us on a friend’s recommendation and after impressing the board, he became a permanent member of our faculty. Mr John says he became a teacher because he finds teaching extremely satisfying and the rewards of seeing every student flourish is worth all the hard work it entails. He loves interacting with his students and helping them achieve their goals.

We asked Mr John to describe his teaching style. "I would say I'm strict but am able to relax my teaching style if students require it." We believe that this is the mark of a great teacher. A great teacher can "shift-gears" and is able to be flexible when he sees that something isn’t working. Mr John is perceptive and notices how his students are receiving his lessons. He finds new ways to present the curriculum to make sure that every student understands and is able to apply the learnings.

What does an average day in Mr John’s classroom look like? An average lesson would include 5 minutes to break the ice and finding out the needs of the student or reviewing homework assignments. The focus then switches to reading and speaking, tailored to each student's individual level. Homework for the following lesson is assigned based on what was covered in class.

Mr John also has some interesting advice for students when we asked what his top tip was for exam preparation. He believes that exams are similar to running a big race. Runners need to warm up before they begin. "Our brains require the same kind of 'warm-up' before we take a big test or exam," he says. Practice some simple math problems, do some light reading and make sure you banish any negative thoughts from your mind before you start. It’s also a good idea to warm your body up too by getting a good night’s sleep before writing, ensuring you are well hydrated and eating a balanced breakfast before you go in to write your exam. The combination of mind and body 'warm-ups' will ensure you are in the correct head-space to excel at your test or exam.

"My teaching style has evolved since being at ME Education and I feel so grateful to be surrounded by devoted, and intelligent students and educators. I am supported with all the resources I need and I have the opportunity to work with my students in a collaborative and caring environment."

Mr John speaks the 'Queen’s English' and conducts himself with professionalism and poise which is why it may come as a surprise to learn that before he devoted himself to education, he was a drummer in a band. It is a colourful mix of creativity, passion, skill and expertise that makes Mr John the wonderful teacher he is.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." Brad Henry


"I came to ME because I wanted to apply to Hong Kong International School (HKIS). I knew that HKIS is very difficult to enter and that it uses a US curriculum. I have 2 elder brothers who are both studying in ME Education, so I knew I could trust them. I would like to thank Mr. John and Mr. Adeel. I did a lot of MAP test mock questions online as this test is required when applying to HKIS. After studying with ME for 9 months, I was so excited to receive an offer from HKIS as well as Harrow International School and ESF. In the end, I chose HKIS because I plan to study in the US in the future. I am so grateful to ME Education for successfully preparing me for my interviews.”



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