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Teacher Profile: Ms Gloria

We take great pride and pleasure in introducing you to our valued English teacher, Ms Gloria To.

Ms Gloria is originally from Hong Kong, although her studies have taken her across the world. After graduating from Griffith University in Australia, she then continued to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she studied and obtained TESOL - a globally recognized teacher professional qualification certificate.

Ms Gloria has over twelve years of experience working as an English teacher in Hong Kong and we have been lucky enough to have her as a member of our team, for over three years.

There is an unwritten rule that great teachers live by. They aspire to be the teacher that THEY needed when they were younger. Ms Gloria personifies this rule as she touches the lives of her students. Her inspiration comes from the teachers she was fortunate enough to have when she was studying. Ms Gloria became an English teacher because she was moved by her own teacher. "I would like to help English language learners acquire the language effectively in a fun way, just the way my ESL teacher helped me when I studied in England."

To have such a motivated and inspired teacher, educating our students is a great asset to our school. The passion Ms Gloria infuses into her teaching style, is felt by each and every one of her students. She is just as happy to be a part of the ME team as we are to have her on board. "ME Education gives me the opportunity to reach out to students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, levels of knowledge and skill sets," she says.

Ms Gloria loves teaching the English language to her students because she enjoys motivating English language learners and showing them that practising English can be fun. She also loves helping her students learn to express themselves better because she believes this skill will make positive changes in other aspects of their lives.

"Learning English doesn't have to be boring!" This is her mantra! Ms Gloria is well known for her spirited approach to learning and is a master at capturing, and keeping the attention of her students. She believes students can learn well while still having a good time. Ms Gloria’s lessons are full of activities, games and conversations.

We asked Ms Gloria to describe what a day in her classroom is like. This is what she said.

"We usually start the lesson with some everyday conversations. Then I go over what we learned in the last lesson, which leads into the new skill/assignment the students need to learn. I make sure they understand the concept and can apply the skills learned. Finally, I ask students to summarise what was learned before the lesson ends."

As for English exam tips and tricks, Ms Gloria has two important pieces of advice for all students:

  1. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. It is part of the learning process.

  2. Try to relate to the questions asked. Imagine yourself using the new words or phrases you learned in your everyday life. Write them down.

While Ms Gloria wants her students to be able to incorporate learning English into their everyday lives, she wants them to have fun in the process. They say the trick to having happy students is to give them a happy teacher. Joy and fun are things Ms Gloria knows quite a bit about as she admits to being an enthusiastic water sports fan.

There are so many influences that contribute to a student’s success, namely their parents, community members, school leaders and peers. But it would be impossible for ME Education to have acquired the respected reputation that we have today, if we didn’t have the high calibre of teachers that we have leading and inspiring our students daily.


"ME was so helpful! They provided professional teachers who taught my daughter interview skills and phonics. My daughter's English has improved rapidly and she is able to do story telling after learning at ME. We are so happy that we received offers from both Harrow and AISHK."


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