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Tips for Applying to Harrow, Kellett and Nord Anglia!

Harrow International School Hong Kong, Kellett School and Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong are always the top choices among parents in HK. Here I will provide some tips for you to get prepared for your application!

Photo courtesy of Harrow International School Hong Kong

To successfully apply these international schools, you need to pass the CAT4 exam which has 4 sections. The most challenging section for most students is Verbal.

The key to Verbal is vocabulary and being able to understand the meaning of words and use them to find other words that mean the same. This is the weakest area for the majority of students so the more preparation they have in improving their vocabulary, the better.

In non-verbal and spatial, it’s using concepts of maths so students need to have a good understanding of basic math concepts first of all to succeed in this area, but they do not need to be fantastic at maths - someone can be poor at addition, subtraction, division and multiplication but really good at problem solving.

Similarly, in quantitative/maths the student needs to have a good level of maths to understand the basic functions.


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