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Tips to Suit Your Learning Style

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Some of us love strawberries, some of us only like them with cream, and some of us don’t like them at all.

We all have different preferences when it comes to the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to and YES, you guessed it, the way we like to learn.

Our brains remember things in different ways. Some people have no problem remembering something they heard years ago, while another person will be able to vividly recall a photograph they saw when they were a child. There are those who grasp game concepts quickly and enjoy learning through activities. Because we are all so different, it's important to understand how your learning style can help you with your studies.

Three Learning Styles

There are three main cognitive learning styles:




If you learn best by listening, your style is auditory. If you learn best by reading or seeing the work, your style is visual, and if you learn best by doing something like a quiz or a game, then your learning style is tactile.

Getting to know and understand what learning style you prefer can help you make the most out of your study time. In this blog, we will discuss the different methods for each learning style, and provide you with tips and tricks to help you maximise your time.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn best by hearing and listening. They will comprehend things they have heard, and retain that information in their memory well. Auditory learners have brains that like to store information based on the way it sounds. Teachers at ME Education are able to identify these students by noticing if they like to hum or talk to themselves, read their work out loud, and if they prefer spoken instructions rather than written ones.

If you are not sure if you are an auditory learner, ask yourself what you do, if you need to remember something. If you feel the need to say it out loud to yourself, chances are good you prefer an auditory learning style.