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University Admission Requirements: Medical, Law and Business

Figuring out what career path to pursue is tough call. Especially for students who are young and do not have experience in the working world. Despite the difficulty of the decision and it’s overarching consequences, the counsellors and teachers at ME are trained to help guide students into a career they are best suited for.

For the students who look to the medical field, with dreams of making a difference as well as a name for themselves in the field, we Once a student has identified which career path they would like to pursue, we can help them to tailor an academic portfolio that will set them up for success. In this article, we will look at the university admission requirements for fields of:

  • Medicine

  • Law

  • Business

  • Marketing

Since these courses are popular among students across the country, they do require thorough planning and consideration if students are to be best equipped.

ME admission counsellors are always up to date with what the perfect portfolio needs to entail for a successful application to a high demand course. Medicine: Aspiring medical students in Hong Kong are fortunate enough to have access to two of the world’s highest-performing medical universities with world-class research facilities. It goes without saying then that admission to these universities is highly competitive. There are many Undergraduate course programmes offered as a gateway into the medical field including Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Programme and Bachelor of Nursing to name a few. Most of these degrees take between 3-6 years to complete. For the students considering medicine, they are advised to design their subjects for a pre-med pathway. This includes special effort around subjects like Chemistry, A level Physics, and Biology. The university medical programmes available to aspiring doctors are composed of two parts: 2 – 3 years of pre-clinical studies and then 3 years of clinical studies where students are actively involved in general medicine, surgery, as well as other specialties. Law: For our students considering a career in the field of law, we steer them toward subjects like English, other languages, history and politics. Mathematics can be helpful too although it is not usually a strict requirement. For students with dreams of entering the legal profession, having a good command of the English language as well as other foreign languages is extremely useful and sets them apart to prospective employers. The time it takes to become a lawyer is usually between 7 or 8 years. This includes full-time undergraduate study, followed by 3 years of law school. Business: Business degrees are popular and there are a lot of colleges and universities that offer business management courses. The courses and focus of each course differs according to the area of business students wish to pursue so we will discuss general admission requirements. Classes like accounting, finance, economics, and business management will stand a student in good stead if they are looking to study business. Statistics are important in business so classes in mathematics will be helpful. Students are encouraged to apply themselves in the areas of algebra and calculus. As technology continues to create a more global business economy, communication – especially English – becomes ever more important. Students looking to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management will typically have study full time for four years. Marketing English is crucial for marketing degrees so students will need to have a good score in either TOEFL or IELTS. Often, the minimum score is 550 for the paper-based test, or 80 for the internet-based test in TOEFL. For IELTS, a minimum overall band of 6 is required with no subtest lower than 5.5 in IELTS. A bachelor's degree in marketing will usually take four years of full-time study. No matter what path our students choose to pursue, we make it our highest priority to guide them and steer them in a direction that will best support their career aspirations. Do you have any admissions related questions? If so, please contact our expert consultants or book a free session.


"I have been a student at ME Education for 5 years. The centre concentrates on teaching business English, Conversation skills and Standardised Achievement Tests which will all be beneficial for my future university degree. I wish to study a business degree. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to study here and wish to thank all teachers of ME English Language centre for their help and patience."

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