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What is STEM Education?

At ME Education, we pride ourselves on offering specialised academic tuition for students. We do so by following local and international curricula, standardised test preparation, as well as educational planning and consultation services for primary, secondary and university students.

But more than education alone, we want to know that we are empowering our students to thrive when they leave our halls. We want to know that we have equipped them as best we can to flourish and succeed in whatever they choose to do once they graduate.

In a world where scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important, we place great value on scientifically integrated learning. We want to send our students out into the world prepared and armed to be able to embrace the benefits and challenges of a knowledge-based economy. That’s why we focus on a STEM curriculum.

The STEM curriculum is centred around four specific disciplines:





In years gone by, schools would isolate the subjects and teach them as entirely separate disciplines. The STEM curriculum uses a holistic approach by blending all four subjects into a cohesive learning model that is actually based on real-world applications.

Educating students in this way, stimulates students’ ability to think critically and bolsters their science literacy. These skills will prove invaluable as we send our graduates off into a technologically competitive job market.

STEM allows students to recognise technical hurdles and apply their own problem solving. They learn computational thinking and how to apply it to their daily lives.

What our educators love most about the STEM approach, and what separates it from the standard methods of teaching science and math, is the integration of the subjects rather than studying them in separate silos. We teach our students how to apply scientific methods to their everyday life making their studies far more interesting and relevant than theory alone ever could.

Employing the STEM approach provides students with hands-on experience of real-world problems. By showing students how to problem solve and apply solutions they have learned, it takes the disciplines of math and science from the black and white chalkboards of the classroom into a world of vibrant colour. This makes learning both fun and interesting and helps students ignite the spark that will hopefully lead to a successful career following graduation.

Because the STEM curriculum begins with students as young as Elementary school, students are taught from an early age to view their subjects as inter-connected and relevant to their lives. This is a far cry from curriculums of old, where each subject is considered separate and disconnected from the other.

Students who begin with STEM, generally choose to further their studies because they are genuinely curious about the world and not simply because it has to be done. For students who did not begin their education with a STEM curriculum but have chosen to join us later on, we offer a bridging in-school and out-of-school STEM course which will lay the necessary foundations for further STEM studies.

STEM places high importance on innovation because this leads to new products and processes that build and sustain an economy. In order to be competitive in a world centred around science literacy, a solid knowledge base in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a major advantage. Most jobs of the future will require a basic understanding of these fields.

STEM graduates have an ACE up their sleeve when it comes to job applications because they are well versed in the fundamentals of these fields and the job market for eligible applicants is growing exponentially.

STEM jobs are some of the most interesting jobs in the world. We believe that by offering our students a foundation on which they can build a clear understanding of the world, they will understand where and how they would like to fit into the picture.

The solid footing their studies have provided them with will serve them well and equip them with the knowledge they need to contribute positively to society and lead happy, successful and productive lives.


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