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Writing & Speaking: Tips and Tricks!

Are you looking to improve your English and not sure where to start?

Here at Me Education© we have tips and tricks on how to improve your speaking and your writing in your target language.

Hard work and repetition will only get you so far. To really improve and also enjoy your efforts, you need to adapt and try a few different things. Some of these things you can do on your own and some you’ll need help with. Either way, these tips and tricks will help you understand your target language and will make the difference between being good and just being good enough.



1. Read in your target language

The more enjoyable way to learn about sentence structure is to read in it. A lot. Find the type of material you like, novels, magazines, newspaper articles. It all works for you to “accidentally” learn some grammar reflexes.

2. Read up on idioms, turns of phrase and synonyms

Don’t dilly-dally and beat around the bush. Go straight to the point and put your shoulder to the wheel! The great things about idioms and turns of phrase is that they rarely change. So, if you want to get your point across quickly, you just have to remember those and know when to use them.

3. Get an experienced teacher

Grammar rules are a part of writing, but your style needs to be adequate too. Your writing needs to have structure, continuity, consistency, and your vocabulary needs to make sense. An experienced teacher can guide you so you can get your point across clearly.