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IELTS Test Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome to the final segment of our IELTS blog series. In this blog, we discuss some of the things you should and should not do on the day of the test.

Understandably, the day you are scheduled to take your IELTS, you may feel nervous and anxious.

Knowing what to expect, you can help to quell your anxiety and go into the test feeling more confident and in control.

Ms Julie Yarnall is our resident IELTS expert and is an experienced IELTS examiner. With her expertise, ME boasts some of the best IELTS results and we have learned all the ins and outs of the programme. Ms Julie has taught thousands of students and has over three decades of teaching experience behind her. Students who study the IELTS through us, are truly in the best hands.

All our experience has taught us some of the best tips and tricks around the IELTS. Some of these tips include the basic do’s and don’ts around the test itself.

Here are 10 points to remember the day you take your test:

1. Remember Identification

Examiners will require proof of identification. They want to know it’s you taking the test and not someone else. Whatever ID you used to apply for the test, make sure you bring that with you to the test itself.

2. Check Test Locations

Imaging showing up for your test only to learn they’ve moved the location. What a nightmare! Double, triple check the test location, date and time. It seems like a silly mistake to make but it’s been known to happen and you would never want it to happen to you. Especially after all the hard work you’ve put into preparing.

3. Allow Travel Time

Once you’re sure you have the location, date and time correct, factor in some extra travel time so you can ensure you arrive a few minutes early. Rushing around and arriving late will only get you flustered and not in the right frame of mind to perform at your best.

4. Leave Watches at Home

In the examination room there will be a big clock on the wall. Use that clock to manage your time because no other clocks or watches are permitted in the room.